Zulu Strap - Horween Chromexcel - Natural- SOF Series - Brushed Hardware

Zulu Strap - Horween Chromexcel - Natural- SOF Series - Brushed Hardware

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It's just my regular Zulu strap in Natural Horween Chromexel horse butt, but with a unit-specific stamp. 

Exploiting sacred crests for profit makes me feel gross, so I'll send $40 from every strap to the Hunter Seven Foundation to support their fight against cancer in Veterans. 

Natural with brown stitching and brushed nickel hardware.

Dig the NATO look, but don't understand the point of that extra layer of strap behind the case?  I can relate, so I put these guys together.  A simple, classic utilitarian strap that works with dive suits and tuxedos.

These straps are made in Horween Chromexcel. I use horse butt, known for tight grain and resistance to wear and tear. 

These are a little thicker than nylon, 1.4mm-1.6mm, and may require curved spring bars depending on your watch, which I'll include. They're also long enough to fold back under the rings, but are easily trimmed if that's not your jam (obviously they can't be returned if trimmed).

I wear mine on a Seiko SKX, Sangin Atlas, or a Sea Dweller literally every day, and it stands up to pool water, salt water, sweat, vomit, and whatever else.  No safe queens here, you'll want a new one before it fails.  Honestly, I build everything hoping that your grandkids will use it.

All my straps are 21mm, so they fit 20mm and 22mm lugs well. I'll send both sizes of spring bars.

All products are in-stock and will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. 

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